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  • In other words, they were replaced by synonyms that are more relevant in modern reality. Old Slavicisms fell into this category - vocabulary from Old Slavonic, close to Russian: city (old) - city (Cialis), child - child, gates - gates, fingers - fingers, lips - lips, dragging - dragging feet.

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Translation, foreign Bilingual dictionaries for translating texts and words from one language to another.

English-Russian, Spanish, German, French and others. Phraseological collection Phraseologisms are lexically stable phrases, with an indivisible structure and a certain subtext. These include sayings, proverbs, idioms, catchphrases, aphorisms.

They add artistic expression to the literary style. Phraseological turns are usually used in a figurative sense. Replacing any component, rearranging or breaking a phrase leads to a speech error, unrecognized subtext of the phrase, distortion of the essence when translated into other languages.

Definition of neologisms Language changesI am stimulated by a dynamic life. Humanity strives for development, simplification of life, innovation, and this contributes to the emergence of new things, technology. Neologisms are lexical expressions of tadalafil unfamiliar objects, new realities in people's lives, emerging concepts, phenomena. For example, what barista means is the profession of a coffee brewer; a professional coffee maker who understands the varieties of coffee beans, knows how to beautifully arrange steaming cups with a drink before serving to the client.

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Each word was once a neologism, until it became commonly used cialis and entered the active vocabulary of the general literary language.

Many of them disappear without even getting into active use.

Semantic neologisms include already well-known lexical concepts endowed with fresh content, for example cialis "pirate" - not only a sea corsair, but also a copyright infringer, a user of torrent resources.

The toponymic reference dictionaries contain geographic information by region and by name. In anthroponymic - data on proper names, surnames, nicknames.

Schoolchildren will need lexical dictionaries with synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, paronyms and educational dictionaries: spelling, punctuation, derivational, morphemic. Orthoepic reference book for stressing and correct literary pronunciation (phonetics).

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It is easier to express yourself, to express thoughts more concretely and more capaciously, to liven up your speech - all this is feasible with an expanded vocabulary. With the help of the How to all resource, you will determine the meaning of words online, select related synonyms and replenish your vocabulary. The last point can be easily completed by reading fiction. You will become a more erudite interesting interlocutor and keep up a conversation on a variety of topics.

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For writers and writers, to warm up the internal generator of ideas, it will be useful to find out what words mean, for example, the Middle Ages or from a philosophical glossary.

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Globalization takes its toll. This affects the written language. Mixed Cyrillic and Latin spellings have become fashionable, without transliteration: SPA-salon, fashion-industry, GPS-navigator, Hi-Fi or High End acoustics, Hi-Tech electronics. To correctly interpret the content of hybrid words, switch between language keyboard layouts. Let your speech break stereotypes. The texts excite the senses, pour out an elixir on the soul and do not have a limitation period. Good luck with your creative experiments!

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Pill lat. a drug by a ball, a pellet, a grain, which is swallowed. * Trouble, resentment, chagrin. He swallowed this pill, yes, tea, remember it to you! To gild a pill, to lighten it in appearance, to embellish an inevitable annoyance to someone. Pill machine.

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Cialis Pill (from Latin pilula - ball) is a solid dosage form for internal use, in the form of a ball weighing 0.1-0.5 g, prepared from a homogeneous plastic mass, including medicinal substances. In modern practice, they are rarely used, since tablets, dragees and capsules are more convenient dosage forms.

Medicine Medicine in the form of a ball Medicine in the form of a ball for oral administration Volki Odnoklassnik The tablet is flat, but it is round Solid dosage form Solid ball medicine Healing ball Ball of medicine powder Solid dosage form Solid ball medicine lat. a drug by a ball, a pellet, a grain, which is swallowed. * Trouble, resentment, chagrin, the "colleague" of the pill in the cure.

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Sophia Prokofieva's story “Green. »Ball of medicinal substance Medicinal product that can be sweetened Dosage form, hard ball for oral administration" Kollega "pills in the cause of cure. The closest relative of the pill. Dosage form It can be sweetened with a Latvian drug with a ball, pellet, grain that is swallowed. * Trouble, resentment, grief. , to lighten in appearance, to embellish the inevitable annoyance of someone Pill machine Dosage form Dosage form: hard ball for oral administration Medicinal ball Medicinal ball for oral administration.